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Handlebar fix
Written by bdpickett on 4/26/2010 at 06:48 pm

Hi Leslie,

I had a couple spare handlebar clamp caps kicking around in my spare parts
cache, and since everybody has been climbing on the riser bandwagon, I thought
that I'd give it a try; after all its free and I can easily change it back. The
caps are a little shorter than the official Gen Mar risers - they give a rise of
only 3/4" instead of 1".

Regarding the key issue, I went down to the local locksmith and had a new key
cut on a blank intended for Mitsubishi cars; it has the same shape as the PC's
key but it has a longer shaft. The locksmith was reluctant to do it and wouldn't
guarantee it, because it wasn't the "proper" blank, but I took responsibility
for the outcome and got the key cut. After I trimmed down the edges of the head
of the key, it fit easily into the ignition switch inside the "well" and started
the PC without any trouble. The only downside is that it does not lock the
steering, but I may try doing some fine tuning on the key with a file and see if
I can get it to work without ruining the key. FWIW, the long-shank key blank is
made by Ilco and has the codes "X121" & "DC3" stamped on it.

Be seeing you,
Bruce Pickett
Federal Way, WA
'90 PC800 "Blue Pacific"
'93 ST1100 "STimulus"
'05 GL1800A "Blue's Brother"

--- In, "Leslie" <ltaylorba@...> wrote:
> Hi Stan,
> I'm 5'5" (barely) and had my handlebars raised about a year ago by a local
Honda/Goldwing shop. They did a great job and it really helped. I'll have to
check my records for info on the riser itself, but one thing not yet mentioned
is that when you have the handlebars raised, you have an issue w/the key! (This
is mentioned in older postings, though.)
> For a while, I used a keyring that had a "globe" bobble on it, to be sure the
ring didn't fall through the hole in the handlebar cover. For a Christmas
present, my husband fashioned a new "cap" for the key, such that it stuck up
nicely and was easy to insert and remove. It's so cool looking! I'll post
pictures later today. But you'll need to have some way to extend the length of
the key when you raise the bars.
> Best of luck! ...Leslie
> Della Ray - '95 PC800
> '08 Victory Vision
> --- In, "stanwalton@" <stanwalton@> wrote:
> >
> > HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars a bit far for my
reach (I'm 5'9"). My feet fit comfortably on the ground when stoped, but arms
are under a bit of stress.. Are there any fixes for this problem?
> >
> > Thanks
> >

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