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Handlebar fix
Written by mikeyb_houtex on 4/27/2010 at 02:16 am

Just refreshing y'all about the Venture risers I and a couple others used.

Went 1500 miles from houston to Arkansas & Oklahoma and back. So very
comfortable to have them, and still no issues. Love them.

I wouldn't go past 1.5 inches, as the cables start to be an issue... unless you
were to remove some plastic, of course.

Hope that helps!

'95 PC800, "Ride"

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4/25/2010, 04:26 pm
Handlebar fix
HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars a bit far for my reach (I'm 5'9"). My feet fit comfortably on the ground when stoped, but arms are under a bit of stress.. Are there any fixes for this problem? Thanks

    4/25/2010, 09:02 pm
    Handlebar fix
    Ride the bike for awhile, you'll probably get use to it. At five nine the bike should fit you just right. --- In ipcrc@yaho

    4/25/2010, 10:29 pm
    Handlebar fix
    Go back a bit in the messages and there will be a bunch of posts about adding risers. A solid block riser will bring the bars up and closer because of the fork angle. There are also risers that allow you to pivot the bars forward and back. se

    4/25/2010, 11:22 pm
    Handlebar fix
    I recently installed some risers from GenMar. I've been very happy with them. Photos of my install and links to the company's website are here: http://www.dou

    4/26/2010, 02:34 am
    Handlebar fix
    On Apr 25, 2010, at 11:26 AM, stanwalton@... wrote: > HI, I just purchased a 97 PC800 and find the handlebars

    4/26/2010, 03:07 pm
    Handlebar fix
    Hi Stan, I'm 5'5" (barely) and had my handlebars raised about a year ago by a local Honda/Goldwing shop. They did a great job and it really helped. I'll have to check my records for info on the riser itself, but one thing not yet men

      4/26/2010, 04:40 pm
      Handlebar fix
      Hi Leslie, Thanks for the input.. At the moment I'm waiting on the shop manual which will have information and pictures depicting how all the pieces go together.. I think I can raise the bars myself after I secure the riser -I thi

      4/26/2010, 06:48 pm
      Handlebar fix
      Hi Leslie, I had a couple spare handlebar clamp caps kicking around in my spare parts cache, and since everybody has been climbing on the riser bandwagon, I thought that I'd give it a try; after all its free and I can easily change it bac