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...horn upgrade suggestions?
Written by ascterransin on 4/28/2010 at 04:58 am

Among other things, I'm in the process of installing a pair of Hella TE16 twin
tone horns:

They come with a relay but no wiring or instructions (which are easy to find

Since my fairing is still off I'm not sure if I have the clearance to mount
these side by side in place of the stock horn. I'll let you know in a week.

Steve Johnsen
Manassas Park, VA

--- In, "attitudehats" <MarkoSterling@...> wrote:
> today I had a close call in rush hour traffic, when this lady just decided to
merge into my lane. I quickly decided to avoid everything, and safely backed off
also pulling to the side away from her.
> so, for the rest of the commute, I pondered this PC's anemic wheezy oem horn.
> so I have to ask the group brain trust here for suggestions with upgrading the
horn. I'd prefer something that is pretty much a drop in replacement if
> any better alternatives/upgrades out there?
> thanks
> Mark 89PC/34k
> "the Flying Nun"

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