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...horn upgrade suggestions?
Written by gamick08 on 4/28/2010 at 02:01 pm

Try the FIAMM compact high-performance series "El Grande" horns. They're a
very compact unit w/ good tone and air horn like volume. Usually available
thru Just got back from 7 days in the TX Hill Country where I
used them to wake up a couple of wandering motorists, a wandering cow and a
bunch of antelope!

They are mountable down in the crash bar area on either side, inside the
plastic and face forward thru the front holes. Relay comes with.

Loveland CO

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4/28/2010, 04:28 am
...horn upgrade suggestions?
today I had a close call in rush hour traffic, when this lady just decided to merge into my lane. I quickly decided to avoid everything, and safely backed off also pulling to the side away from her. so, for the rest of the commute, I

    4/28/2010, 04:58 am
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    Among other things, I'm in the process of installing a pair of Hella TE16 twin tone horns: They com

    4/28/2010, 05:01 am
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    There are two options that I know of that are both relatively painless. They both do require a tiny bit of work though. 1) Add a low-tone horn to the empty mounting bracket. Somewhere in the files or links there is a description of how to

      4/28/2010, 11:35 am
      ...horn upgrade suggestions?
      I've got TWO Stebel Nautilus horns: one on my car, and one sitting on my workbench waiting for the day I mount it on my PC. I can tell you that the one on my car works really well. Very loud, and easy enough to wire in. When I use it peop

      4/30/2010, 04:48 am
      ...horn upgrade suggestions?
      Many thanks to everyone! to the stebel compact tight a fit is this horn in the old space? do any tricks to get it in there? I have to run that horn off the battery, or can I attach those wires to the aux plug

        4/30/2010, 05:45 am
        ...horn upgrade suggestions?
        I don't think there is enough room in the stock horn location. I put mine in the area where the water hose exits the radiator and goes to the water pump. I ended up separating the horn into two pieces and located the pump a short distance awa

        4/30/2010, 05:47 am
        ...horn upgrade suggestions?
        the Stebel won't fit in place of the stock horn without problems. Believe me, I tried. Even took off the front forks twice to change the fork fluid to make the forks stiffer so the horn would stop tapping the front fender. It stopped, after c

    4/28/2010, 10:35 am
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    It's funny how different your perspective can be. I have a Kawasaki police bike also and the first time I hit the horn on the PC I was amazed at how loud it was in comparison! I guess on the police bikes if you needed the horn you just blippe

      4/28/2010, 03:12 pm
      ...horn upgrade suggestions?
      I agree that generally if you have enough time to use the horn in most car vs motorcycle situations, you have enough time to get out of the way. Certainly if there's enough time for a one-fingered salute, there's enough time to back off. How

    4/28/2010, 11:45 am
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    --- In, "attitudehats" <MarkoSterling@...> wrote: > > > today I had

    4/28/2010, 01:57 pm
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    I'll be putting these on mine:

    4/28/2010, 02:01 pm
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    Try the FIAMM compact high-performance series "El Grande" horns. They're a very compact unit w/ good tone and air horn like volume. Usually available thru Just got back from 7 days in the TX Hill Country where I used them

    4/28/2010, 05:15 pm
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    Hi Douglas, > Now if only our bikes had more power, I'd put some trumpets off of a > semi truck on my bike. :-) > > Does anyone know of other options? I'd love to get together a list of > possibilities for my links pa

      4/28/2010, 11:36 pm
      ...horn upgrade suggestions?
      Hi, Leland and Doug... The air horns I have on Nataharli are WOLO brand. They were $19 at a local discount auto parts store. They do indeed have two trumpets, but they're only something like four and five inches long. The compresso

    4/28/2010, 08:22 pm
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    Hi Mark I have fitted an extra horn to my '89 to the spare mounting hole beside the existing horn. I don't think you can be too visible / noticable when riding .... and a loud horn is very useful for scaring wandering sheep off the road here

    4/29/2010, 03:01 am
    ...horn upgrade suggestions?
    I have yet to upgrade my PC horns but I have put another set on my Jawa. They are just an ordinary set off a Honda Accord & boy do people take notice when they try to move into my lane etc. Cheers Bryan (NZ) --- In