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...horn upgrade suggestions?
Written by pcnz2004 on 4/28/2010 at 08:22 pm

Hi Mark
I have fitted an extra horn to my '89 to the spare mounting hole beside the
existing horn. I don't think you can be too visible / noticable when riding ....
and a loud horn is very useful for scaring wandering sheep off the road here in
New Zealand ;). I seem to remember the horn I used was a lower tone to the one
already fitted and came from the auto breaker off a Honda car ... it matches the
other perfectly and has significantly increased the effectiveness of the horn. I
also fitted a power relay to the circuit as I have had all the control switches
on the handle bars dismantled to clean and lube and am of the opinion that the
contacts and conductors in them may melt or burn out if excessive electical
current is passed through them. The relay reduces the current flow through the
switch significantly ensuring the switch last as long as possible as well as
enabling maximum power to the appliance being activated (the reason I also have
relays to power the headlight).
Just my NZ$0.02 worth.
Pacific Coasting on the Pacific Coast of New Zealand)and USA

--- In, "attitudehats" <MarkoSterling@...> wrote:
> today I had a close call in rush hour traffic, when this lady just decided to
merge into my lane. I quickly decided to avoid everything, and safely backed off
also pulling to the side away from her.
> so, for the rest of the commute, I pondered this PC's anemic wheezy oem horn.
> so I have to ask the group brain trust here for suggestions with upgrading the
horn. I'd prefer something that is pretty much a drop in replacement if
> any better alternatives/upgrades out there?
> thanks
> Mark 89PC/34k
> "the Flying Nun"

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