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Braided Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch lines Group Buy.
Written by ridearoundth... on 4/29/2010 at 05:14 pm

Hi all,
Just figured I would bump this thread and ask that if anyone does try these to
post their experience. I am really pleased with the lever feel after this mod.
I have to put it up there with tapered roller bearings in the headstem as far as
improvement to the ride.
Just to be clear, I have no connection to G&J. I had asked a while back about
this and no one had set anything like this up I figured I would.

Hope it helps someone.

Enjoy the ride,

Oliver in Central PA

--- In, "ridearoundtheblock" <r_u_behavin@...> wrote:
> Hey everyone. Some time back I had queried the group for a set of lines to
use as a template for an aircraft supply shop in CA that sold me lines for my
919 to prep for making lines for anyone in the group who would want them.

> Complete kit consisting of 3 brake lines and one clutch line - $85 +ship
> 3 brake line kit - $56.95 +ship
> Clutch line - $28.75 +ship
> Banjo washers are $0.25 each and you need 11 for the brake and 4 for the
clutch. Color combinations are no additional cost but since you barely see the
> Shipping should be around $8, less if you are in CA but they you need to pay
> You deal directly with G&J at 909.986.6534. Their web is
> Finally, a tip Cliff at G&J gave me that worked great. It's a super fast way
to prime your lines after installation. Using a turkey baster, get a piece of
hose that fits the bleeder and the baster. Use the baster to force fluid up the
line. Start at the furthest caliper then the closest. It took a few minutes to
force the fluid up the lines but way less than it normally takes to bleed from
the top side.
> Hope you take advantage to upgrade or just replace almost 20 year old hoses.
> Enjoy and Ride Well.

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