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Avon Roadrider tire update 120/80-17
Written by glockweazel on 5/8/2010 at 03:55 pm

Tyre sizes on the PC could be better, as there are few options out there.
The 'reverse mounting' for a tyre on the front or rear is quite common. The
front tyre gets loaded to it's maximum under braking and the rear receives it's
max load under accelleration.
The PC that I'm picking up today needs both tyres, so I'll keep the Kenda in
mind for the rear...

--- In, "rckamikaze55" <yagello@...> wrote:
> When this item came up recently, I was researching tires. I paid a visit to
the Avon website & found this really nice tire listed as "universal" front or
rear. I ordered one. When the tire arrived, It was of an older batch, labeled &
molded REAR FITMENT. I e-mailed Avon & in a couple days rec'd the following
> " The specification change to product 120/80-17 from rear to universal fitment
involved NO MODIFICATION to the tire, only testing which deemed it to be
suitable for a front fitment where required. In order to get the very best
performance and wear characteristics from this product the rotation should be
REVERSED for front fitment"
> The latest production tires have dual arrows on the sidewall indicating front
& rear rotation.
> Graham Matcham
> @cooper tire( AVON parent co.)

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