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GPS mount option
Written by elden_miller_96 on 5/8/2010 at 09:58 pm

I fashioned my own solution for mounting my GPS unit. I mounted a 7/8" bar that
runs between the clutch and the brake reservoirs. I fashioned 1/8" aluminum flat
stock that mounts right over the existing caps. I bought new longer M4 screws at
the hardware store along with hinged plastic screw covers. The bar is a section
of a Honda lawn mower handle. Now any MC accessory that bolts to a 7/8" bar can
go on my PC. For my GPS I found a nice zippered enclosure on eBay for $12.99.
The bar has end caps and is bolted to the reservoir plates with a 1/4-20
stainless bolt. I still need to get an electrical plug set up for the GPS. The
whole thing set me back less than the cost of one Ram mounting plate. I posted
some pictures at:

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