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Coolant hose behind the engine - any way to replace it without remov
Written by pgboyd on 5/10/2010 at 12:20 pm

I replaced all of my hoses last month. I'm glad I didn't read the posts here
first or I never would have attempted it!

I didn't find it all that difficult to do the Hose B. I already had all of the
tupperware off and the engine heat shields off. I have medium sized hands and
had no problem removing the old hoses and replacing them with the fresh hoses. I
just spray a bit of WD40 inside the ends of the hoses to get a little bit of
lubrication before sliding the hoses over the inlets.

It definitely didn't take removing the motor or multiple sessions with ice packs
and ibuprofen. I think start to finish on all of my hoses was maybe 30 minutes
after I had all of the covers off. I didn't warm up the hose first or do
anything else special.

The biggest problem I had was that I thought I had lost the left and right lower
covers (#12 and #13 on page 7-2 of the Service Manual). I was almost ready to
order replacements when I decided to look around again and found that I had
already put them back on the bike. They blend in really well!

Northern VA

--- In, "douglasvanb" <douglas.vanbossuyt@...> wrote:
> Does anyone have a trick for replacing Hose B, In Water (#6 on without removing the engine
from the frame? It's the only coolant hose that I can't figure out how to
> Thanks!
> Douglas

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