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PC800 89 - fuel float adjustment.
Written by mac.hancock57 on 5/13/2010 at 12:25 am

Check out this link:?

scroll down to "PC800 Technical Info" on the left hand side and you should find
- How to adjust the fuel gauge reading, 12 steps
Hope this helps.
Ride Safe!!!!?????? Mac H.

From: Edward <mrkygray@...>
Sent: Wed, May 12, 2010 6:29:11 PM
Subject: PC800: PC800 89 - fuel float adjustment.

Hi all, this site has been amazing for answering my questions about my PC800.? I
was wondering if someone knew how to adjust the fuel float so I can get a more
accurate reading on my trips.

Thanks so much!? Ky


The iPCRC humor and jokes subgroup :-)
In Memory of Christoffer Carstanjen

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