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PC T-Shirts for Sale - Also Custom Garment Printing for your Riding
Written by tonyclifford... on 5/14/2010 at 02:40 pm

To not confuse anyone let me try to explain the different PC t-shirts...

When you see a shirt with the logo the image was taken from the
website and can not be changed. However the 10th Anniversary Pacific Coast /
Deal's Gap Weekend shirt can be ordered with any color bike on the front and
back. You can now (as of today) even order it with a covered front brake or
not... how cool is that! This is NOT an actual color match to the bike color.
It's just a tee after-all. For an example a black bike is dark gray on a shirt
so you can see the lines on the bike.

I hope this answered any questions but if it didn't please call me and I will
try to help.

Also if you have a riding club and need tees please let me know. We do one
color screen printed shirts at very good prices (25 minimum) or full color
digital shirts with no minimums. We do not charge design fees or setup charges.
You just pay for shirts and shipping!

We are out of XL shirts at this time but will have more next week. For those
that just ordered XL shirts they have been printed and mailed out today.

Thanks everyone.
Tony C
Office (615) 261-8242

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5/11/2010, 09:45 pm
PC T-Shirts for Sale - Also Custom Garment Printing for your Riding
I own a t-shirt company and I love my 95 PC. I will be going on the Deals Gap Ride this year and I've made a commemorative t-shirt for the 10th anniversary of the ride with help from Tim Davies (thanks). Also I have designed several other