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Almost a PC owner
Written by goldwingman40 on 5/16/2010 at 12:44 am

Karen, The trunk strut can be replaced for about $15 with one from
McMaster-Carr. This is a link to some info in the files section:\

The stock strut force is about 50 pounds, I replaced mine with a 70 pound force
unit because I have a steel rack on the trunk. I also replaced it with one
slightly shorter than the one listed (the same length as stock) so it didn't
open quite as wide as some people had said that the trunk opening rubbed thier
custom seat and I was having my seat redone slightly wider. It has been working
good for 3 or 4 years. You can find the McMaster-Carr catalog on line but I
called in to order My parts so there was no errors.

--- In, Karen Boehler <karen_boehler@...> wrote:
> PCers:
> Hello again.
> While I am not quite yet OFFICIALLY one of you, I?m expecting to be next
> And I owe it to all the advice you gave me.
> Let me begin by saying I did NOT buy the white 1989 from the used
car/boat/motorcycle tractor dealer.
> I got a chance to go back and check out the bike more closely, and he was an
absolute a**.
> As I said before, he didn?t know what year it was. He thought PCs were only
made for two years. He got the key and turned it on and it sounded OK, but when
I asked him about the stator, he said, ?How should I know? I bought it
> He had NO idea how long it had been stored in the garage of the old guy he
said he bought it from (I was thinking of dried out seals), and when I got on my
back to check the rubbing issue (there didn?t appear to be one), I guess he
thought I was checking the tire and he said he bought the tires new before he
left Deming and they only had 1200 miles on them.
> I then told him what I was checking, and as I was getting back up that I
thought the bike was a bit overpriced.
> He immediately got EXTREMELY huffy, put the keys back and started ranting
about ?people who think they know things from the internet but don?t know
anything. I?ve been in this business for 40 years.?
> He also told me he?d sold an identical bike for $5,500 and that PCs are
"collector's items." (He wanted $3,500 for this one.)
> So I got on my Connie, told him I hope he sells this one and rode off. (His
business is for sale. Wish I could find out how much he eventually ends up
giving the PC away for, or if he ever sells it.)
> Anyway, because of the national CraigsList PC listing one (or more) of you
sent me, I began perusing for other PCs, hopefully close to me.
> And I found a black 1994 with 32,000 miles in El Paso, Texas, just three hours
away. I had to be in Las Cruces for a high school golf tournament early this
week, so I corresponded with the owner, and we met at the NM/Texas rest stop so
I could check it out.
> He?s the second owner, says he bought it from a neighbor across the street
who?s an airplane pilot and never rode it much. The current owner mostly rides
a Chinese scooter which he said he loves (he rides to work and around town), and
while he hates to sell the PC, he wants to get out of debt.
> He?s a really cool guy, the bike looks like it?s in good shape, I rode it
briefly and he says the only thing wrong is that the hydraulics that hold up the
trunk are broken. (He says that can be fixed for $50. Any other suggestions?)
> I talked him down a few hundred from what he wanted, and instead of me taking
a Greyhound to El Paso, he and a buddy are going to trailer it to my house next
> Yeah! (And I?ll be paying less than the guy wanted for the 1989.)
> So, is there anything else I should ask him before he heads up this way?
> I am really feeling comfortable with this, and now just have to figure out the
few farkles/add ons I need.
> Again, thanks for ALL your help. I don?t think I would have found this bike
without you guys. And I will be back with lots of questions (yes, I?m checking
the archives but I do better with direct answers to direct questions) over the
next week so I?m ready when it arrives.
> Oh, from reading this list it appears there are very few of you here in the
desert southwest. Anyone coming to Ruidoso May 20-23 for the AspenCash
motorcycle rally? As soon as I get the bike, I?m heading up there on it, and
I?d love to meet some other PC owners.
> Thanks again!!!!!!!
> Roswell, NM
> ?Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest in ways that
bend the laws of physics or break them entirely.? "True Blood," Aug. 30, 2009

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