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Bagter 1213E!!
Written by unlikelylogi... on 5/19/2010 at 01:24 pm


Winglet wears an InCharge tank bag from RKA Luggage:

It is attached with three straps and buckles. Two are threaded through forward
of the faux tank just inboard of the mounting bolts. The third comes out
between the faux tank and saddle. All are wrapped around frame parts. The rear
strap is tucked under the fuel filler door when the bag is not mounted. The
other two aren't a problem.

There are two minor issues. The rear buckle needs to be released to access the
fuel filler door. The width of the bag causes a minor case of "tank bag toot"
when turning left at full lock.


--- In, "halvideo90k" <halvideo90k@...> wrote:
> Hi all from South Italy! I'd like to use a tank bag in my 1990 PC; I've seen
a tank cover produced by Bagster, item 1213E: anybody has that sistem in his PC?
Or, if you have a tank bag, how have you resolved the mounting problems? Which
models have you used?? I'm in Facebook, my name is Alberto Chicca, ask me
friendship, write me who you are!! I've some pics of me,my PC and my travels!
Ciao a Tutti!! Alberto

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