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Bagter 1213E!!
Written by cameron19444 on 5/20/2010 at 07:45 pm

I made a tank bag out of one made for a bicycle. It was originally intended to
attach via Velcro, but I put snaps and had the Velcro attach to itself. Then I
made some short pieces of webbing with the opposing snaps that I attached to the
studs holding the top front of the faux tank and one coming out of the space
between the seat and the fuel filler door. A three-point harness works great
and I put some clear, self-sticking countertop plastic between the bag and the
tank to keep the paint from scratching. It's been great but I must admit, the
self-sticking stuff need to be replaced after a couple of years now.

All in all, the cost was about $30 and the bag has worked great for me. Every
couple of years I try to remember to spray it with some waterproofing, but for
the most part, it stays dry and things are within easy reach. When I get off
the bike, I click three snaps and throw the bag into the trunk.

I'll likely won't replace it until I get a new bike.

'97 PC800 "Chariot of Fire"
'02 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD with Velorex 700 sidecar
'01 Suzuki GS500 "Just For Fun"
'89 Yamaha FJ1200 with SideBike Comanche sidecar

--- In, Wolfgang Kaufmann <pc800@...> wrote:
> Hi Alberto !
> halvideo90k schrieb:
> > Hi all from South Italy! I'd like to use a tank bag in my 1990 PC; I've
seen a tank cover produced by Bagster, item 1213E: anybody has that sistem in
his PC? Or, if you have a tank bag, how have you resolved the mounting problems?
Which models have you used?? I'm in Facebook, my name is Alberto Chicca, ask me
friendship, write me who you are!! I've some pics of me,my PC and my travels!
Ciao a Tutti!! Alberto
> I have a Bagster tank bag setup since 1996 and I am very pleased with it !
> (Actually, I have Bagster setups for three of my four PCs ! :-) )
> It is not cheap but in my opinion it is the best made setup for the PC !
> The tank cover always stays on the bike and if you need it, the tank bag
> is attached to the cover within 10 seconds !
> If you have to fill up the tank you also can remove the tank bag within
> 10 seconds....
> If you ever want to change your bike, you can buy a tank cover for your
> new bike and reuse the tank bag....
> I would buy the bagster setup again if I were in the market for another
> one....
> Enjoy your PC !
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang
> --
> Regards,
> Wolfgang Kaufmann (Austria/Europe),
> iPCRC # 634
> in order of purchase :
> PC800 `90, "Mazda Baby", 89 K miles (1992)
> PC800 `96, still unnamed, 15 K miles (2000)
> PC800 `90, "Harlequin", 53 K miles (2002 - completely restored project bike)
> new in my stable:
> PC800 `96, still unnamed, 9 K miles (2006)
> PC800 `89 - nice little miniature (2007) ! (does this count too ??) ;-)
> (in German language)

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