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!998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
Written by jprelock on 5/20/2010 at 10:49 pm

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 6:27 AM, Mac Hancock <mac.hancock57@...>wrote:

> I cannot comment on the back rest, but...

I thought the Kuryakyn Tombstone Bag was an interesting concept for those
that already have a passenger backrest.


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5/18/2010, 03:25 pm
!998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
I cracked the left stop light lens the other day and need to replace it. Look like I have to replace the entire tail light assemble. I have seem prices on line over $200 for the complete tail light. Do anyone have any recommendation regar

    5/18/2010, 03:51 pm
    !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
    Service Honda $ for the tail light assy is $ 175 +shipping, for the turn signal $ 55+ shipping. There are other dealers, some with lower costs. Dick MacInnes

    5/18/2010, 03:53 pm
    !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
    I would check on ebay. Lately there have been several PC800's being parted out. You could get a used part for probably not a lot. Robert --- In

    5/20/2010, 03:56 am
    !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
    If you see one on ebay, get it QUICK! I have been trolling ebay several times a week since I got my somewhat rumpled PC last summer. I lucked in to a reasonable deal a few weeks ago, but before that, the only tail lights I had seen we

      5/20/2010, 04:37 am
      !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
      Anyone having and using a Utopia drivers backrest please comment. I have a just out of surgery miserable back and wondering if it would help or do I just have to quit riding? Dick MacInnes

        5/20/2010, 12:12 pm
        !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
        Absolutely loved the one I had on my last PC. Israel -------------------------------------------------- From: "DICK MACINNES" <

        5/20/2010, 01:27 pm
        !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
        I cannot comment on the back rest, but I have a "Back-A-Line" support that I wear on longer rides and it seems to help a lot.? It makes me sit up straighter and supports my back very well.? I purchased it from Whitehorse Gear on sale,

        5/20/2010, 05:05 pm
        !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
        I tried a Utopia backrest many years ago and did not care for it. For one thing, it made it more difficult to swing a leg over the seat, and secondly, I found that I tended to slump my back into the pad rather than sitting up straight; poor p

          5/20/2010, 05:19 pm
          !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
          Hey Y'all, I have a Utopia backrest. I installed it per the instructions. I can't really tell if I like it or not. I think if I could get it a little lower to support my lower back I would be happier with it. I also think that I need to bars

            5/20/2010, 06:23 pm
            !998 PC 800 Crack Tail Light
            I got mine because I needed a new front seat so I checked ebay and found a front and back seat with the backrest already installed; everything looked new. It took some adjusting but I got the backrest to work for me. As for getting my leg ove