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I'm one of you now!
Written by douglasvanb on 5/21/2010 at 02:21 am


Not to toot my own recently upgraded PC's horn :-0), but this page of links I've
been putting together might be of some use:\

I'll also go through your message below and try to answer a few of your
questions or point you in the right direction anyway. Hopefully I'm not
repeating other people too much.

You've got a great bike. I've only had mine since November but am already very
attached to it.


--- In, Karen Boehler <karen_boehler@...> wrote:
> PCers:
> My black, 1995 PC arrived on my doorstep this afternoon (late, but better late
than never), and I've had a chance to make a quick run into town (about 14 miles
round trip.) Tomorrow, I'll head 75 miles west to the AspenCash Motorcycle Rally
in Ruidoso, so I'll have a little better chance to assess what I like and have
questions about.
> For now though, a few initial questions.
> First, the former owner could NOT find the manual. Is it on line or does
anyone have one they'd like to sell me? (Is the manual one of the things I can
order from the "Order a Shop Manual" link?) Some of my questions are going to
sound stupid, because the answers are probably in the manual, but since I don't
have one, I'll ask. (And in no particular order.)

Original owner's manual:

Service manual:

Parts microfiche:

> No helmet lock? Does anyone make an aftermarket one, or do I just have to
attach a carabiner to the grab handles?

No helmet lock on my '89. If I need to stash my helmet somewhere, I put it in
the trunk. My XXXL helmet just barely fits. I always put it in a protective
bag to make sure it doesn't get scratched. It takes a little convincing of the
trunk rubber guards to close correctly when it's that stuffed, but it will

> It does NOT have a rack. I saw two in the links section, althoiugh I can't
seem to find them now. Are both still made? One better than the other? Others?

Check the "REAR RACKS, TOP BOXES, AND OTHER LUGGAGE" section of the webpage I
gave the link of at the top. No one makes a rack right now for our bike. They
come up occasionally on Ebay or here but otherwise, let me know if you find a
reliable source. I don't have one either!

> Biggest disappointment is that the tank's plastic. :-( I just bought a
beautiful magnetic tank bag. It DOES change over to strap if I can find the
straps, but WHERE do I hook them? I LOVE the plastic, but is there a way to get
the front strap around the front fork? And how the heck do I get the seat off to
attach the bottom straps?

I've heard of some people putting magnets or magnetic metal strips on the
underside of the faux tank so they can use magnetic tank bags. Others have
replaced the magnets on their bags with suction cups.

> In fact, how do I get to ANYTHING in the engine? (I know my mechanic knows,
and I'll mostly let him do stuff, but I don't like to be totally ignorant.)

Check chapter 2 in the service manual for a plastic removal guide and
flow-chart. The first time it's difficult to figure things out but after that
it becomes remarkably easy.

> LOVE the self-cancelling turn signals. Haven't had those since my BMW. Also
the kickstand switch. That's cool! (Esp. for someone who tends to ride off with
the stand down.)

I love them, too! How did I ever live without them before?!

> Do gotta get used to the lean (the Connie sits almost straight up) but I like
that once it's leaned, it doesn't go any further.)
> It's missing one of the bar ends. Are those stock or how do I get just one?

You should be able to order one from or other online parts
houses. Check the microfiche (link provided earlier, or on's
website) to find the right part number. I've also seen them once in a while on
Ebay. If I understand the point of bar ends correctly, you'll want to get one
ASAP so you don't have a potentially dangerous steering situation.

> Gas mileage and tank size? NO idea what to expect. With all the plastic, I'm
guessing there isn't a reserve, but maybe I'm wrong. If there isn't, is the gas
gauge accurate, and since I live in the land of VERY LONG ROADS with no gas
stations for 60-100 miles, at what point should I say, "OK, STOP and fill up?"
(And remember, I'm used to a Connie with a 7.2 gal tank and 300+ mile range.)

I fill mine every 120-150 miles. The tank holds around 4 or 4.2 gallons.
Depending on how you ride you can go from the low 30's to the high 50's. I
usually get 50-52 mpg at 55-60mph on flat roads and 41-45 mpg at freeway speeds
through the mountains. I'm also a big guy with a tall windshield though.

> I'm going to think about the windshield. It's definitely taller than that on
my Connie or SilverWing, but I can just peep over and I'm going to have to see
how it does on the road (tomorrow) and at night. (I've got bad night vision, so
need bright lights and a clear view ahead.)

Check out the list of windshield options for our bikes on the page I linked to
at the top.

> Speaking of which, how bright is the headlight? I saw some chatter about
bulbs, and the Connie had the electrical upgrade for the big bright bulb. (Can't
remember the wattage.)

The stock headlight is a heck of a lot brighter than my car. Certainly I've
seen brighter bikes but it's good enough for my uses. I've got bad night
vision, too, and it hasn't been a problem for me except on roads without any
reflective markers or paint.

> It was still not as good as the Wing at night, so if it's a Honda vs. Kawasaki
thing, I'm hoping I'll be OK with whatever's in it.
> Oh, and crash bars/road pegs. I saw the Mick-O-Pegs in the database, but
$299!!!!!! I'm a poor person. :-( And I want something that will save the
plastic when I do inevitably drop it at low speeds.
> Suggestions?

Check the page I linked to for my highway pegs. For me the Mick-O-Pegs are
totally worth it. Other options exist though.

Also, our bikes come with built-in front and rear crash guards. They are
covered by plastic but will help to protect the rest of the bike.

> It is smooth, and I love the way it sounds (SO quiet) and rides. Obviously
I'll know more tomorrow, but whoever said it was top heavy hasn't ridden a
Connie. Even the gas rides lower in the PC, and I feel MUCH more comfortable at
slow speeds and going around corners. I'm also sitting a bit lower, which makes
me more comfortable at stops.
> Whew!!!
> I said just a few questions <g>, so I'll stop now. But I AM going to the MC
rally tomorrow, so if anyone has suggestions for stuff I could get there, let me

Prepare yourself for lots of questions about your scooter on steroids :-)

> Oh, I AM digest impaired, so if you want to e-mail me directly, or copy your
post, that would help.
> See what you're getting into with me on your list?
> Roswell, NM
> ?Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest in ways that
bend the laws of physics or break them entirely.? "True Blood," Aug. 30, 2009

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5/21/2010, 02:00 am
I'm one of you now!
PCers: My black, 1995 PC arrived on my doorstep this afternoon (late, but better late than never), and I've had a chance to make a quick run into town (about 14 miles round trip.) Tomorrow, I'll head 75 miles west to the AspenCash Motorcy

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    I'm one of you now!
    I have an owner's manual in the original sleeve if you need one. -------------------------------------------------- From: "Karen Boehler" <

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      I'm one of you now!
      Israel, you wrote: > I have an owner's manual in the original sleeve if you need one. That was quick! Get back to me directly (

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        I'm one of you now!
        First off, welcome to the group -- hope you love your PC as much as I loved the two I had. I have since moved on to other bikes, but the love for the PC remains. I'll dig up the manual -- shoot me your address and I'll get it over to you.

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          I'm one of you now!
          When you get your manual, please copy & laminate the first section which tells you how to remove the plastic. It gets so worn, filthy, wet, if you just use the book each time. -Scott --- In

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    I'm one of you now!
    Don't go much over 150 miles without at least looking for gas. I've run out before in the 165 range, but was going 75 or 80 for the entire tankful. Once you get back to a reasonable speed, like between 65-70 you will get high 40's-low 50's fo

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    I'm one of you now!
    Karen, Not to toot my own recently upgraded PC's horn :-0), but this page of links I've been putting together might be of some use:

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    I'm one of you now!
    Welcome to our world Karen. I might have an idea for crash protection, first - just don't. Failing that you can buy a roll of chrome body side molding at any parts store that sticks on with 3M tape. It gives you something between your bike an

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    I'm one of you now!
    --- In, Karen Boehler <karen_boehler@...> wrote: > PCers: >... > For now though

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    I'm one of you now!
    About the tank bag - I have glued magnets to the underside of the plastic faux tank shelter in the positions that locate the magnets on the tank bag, and it works very well. You have to use fairly strong magnets - I busted open some old compu

    5/21/2010, 06:09 pm
    I'm one of you now!
    Karen, welcome to this crazy but useful group. Before continuing: DON"T FORGET TO NAME YOUR BIKE! That way, we'll know you're gonna keep it. Kinda like a puppy that way. 1. Manual - Others have offered hard copies, but here's the