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Rear Wheel Dampers Replaced
Written by yankeesmuggler on 6/2/2010 at 08:01 pm

First of all I want to thank Tosh for his guidance with this project.
Not only did he reassure me as to the proper parts I needed, but he
shared with me some assembly tips he got from Rudy after he had
finished his repairs. It was nice to have that tip while mine was
still in pieces. (silicone spray on the metal inserts to get them in
the new rubber pieces)

The rear wheel dampers help cushion the force of acceleration and
deceleration between the final drive and the rear wheel. They are
large pie shaped pieces of rubber with metal inserts that the rear
wheel spline assembly goes into. The only way to tell they are worn is
to remove the rear wheel, as I just did to get a new tire mounted,
grab the spline assembly and try to wiggle it. As I have found out now
that I have all new parts, there should be little or no play and the
spline assembly does not slip out easily from the metal inserts. My
rear wheel spline assembly just fell out when I turned the wheel over
with that side down and removing the wheel was a problem this time
because it slipped out and got caught on the final drive while I was
removing the wheel. The rubber pieces were all loose in the wheel and
just fell out, as were the metal inserts. The new ones are tight
everywhere. You can also tell, after the fact, that they were worn
when you go for that first ride after replacement. Acceleration from a
stop is more responsive and deceleration seems so too. One of those
things that's hard to quantify.

I don't think this is any kind of a dangerous situation that requires
a fix. I noticed mine around 75,000 miles when Ken Wheeler of Wheelers
Motorcycle Shop in North Carolina noticed the play in the spline
assembly while mounting a rear tire and suggested the fix. I now have
121,000 miles and just decided to fix it.

The repair is very easy, a bit messy cleaning off the grease, and the
only special tool I can recommend is a rubber mallet (Is that really a
special tool?). You can see the whole thing on page 13-4 of the Honda
Pacific Coast Service Manual. The parts list and prices are below
(Cheap Cycle prices)

91302-MR5-003....O-RING.....$1.50 (1)
91358-MB0-000....O-RING...$..2.32 (1)
41241-MR5-000....DAMPER, RR. WHEEL....$8.29 (5 req)

PS- Jeff McGill... Yours are fine. I checked them when I was in SC in

Tim Davies
Seneca Falls, New York 13148
'98 Honda Pacific Coast "Yankee Smuggler II"
"Yankee Smuggler I" (Retired at 124,000 mi.)

IPCRC #4 : AMA #688662
"The ride is the objective, the destination is the excuse!"

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