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I'm official!
Written by motorcyclema... on 6/8/2010 at 06:52 am

Hello Tupperware riders! <vbg>

I FINALLY am the OFFICIAL owner of a 1995 PC.

After the PO delivered it from El Paso to Roswell, he THEN told me he never
registered it when he bought it. :-( So, it took me two weeks of fighting with
the MVD to get it registered (four trips over three separate days that totaled
at LEAST eight hours) but finally, as of last Tuesday, the bike was mine!

I rode it unregistered for two weeks (shhhh ... don't tell) and actually got a
speeding ticket on my very first ride. (Less than 24 hours after I owned it.
That thing is smoooth!) Luckily, the officer didn't ask for registration (I had
insured it and already TRIED to get it registered) so I lucked out there.

Anyway, I wanted to first give another big THANK YOU to everyone who gave me
advice and help, including Israel, who sent me an owners manual; Skye, who
shipped me a hydraulic rod; Douglas for *all* his links (and no, you weren't
being presumptuous) and Leland for his links. (Oh, and I'm registered. Just
waiting for his next update.)

I'm already getting answers to questions I had but had yet to ask. (Like where
to hook a cig lighter/aux plug.)

Scott, I will be copying the plastic take-off section per your advice and need
to search for the "how to attach a magnetic tank bag" post.

My only real negative is not being able to use my bag. I have WAY too much other
stuff to carry to keep putting it in the back. OTherwise, I LOVE this bike.

Now, some thoughts re: recent posts.

First, you guys have a GREAT sense of humor. I LOVE the thread about the flux
capacitor, and plan on buying one of those stickers. And that thread came right
about the time I was thinking about that hump.

There ISN'T anything in there, right? I REALLY need some place (not necessarily
lockable) to hook my helmet, and I was thinking about drilling a hole and
putting a plastic toggle bolt with anchor on with a nice black hook.

Would I hit anything if I do that?

(I also LOVE the idea of a door and extra storage. If someone HAS done that, can
you tell me HOW you did it?)

To whoever (sorry, I can't remember who) said I had to name the bike, that's a
given. All my bikes are named, and this one is the Tupperware Dragon.

I can't BELIEVE the number of POSITIVE comments I've gotten in the two weeks
I've owned this bike. At least four people (three strangers and one who
recognized I had a new bike) came up and fawned all over the T Dragon.

I've NEVER had that happen with a bike. Is that common? It's really kind of

I will get around to taking a pic or two and posting it (hopefully this week)
and know I'll have a lot more questions, but I'll try to bring them along

One last question. (For now.)

Someone from West Virginia (love your state, I was there a few years ago) said
most organized rides are on the east coast.

Are there any PC rides/riders out this way? I'd love to meet someone to pick
his/her brains, but I also like showing off my part of the country if someone
wants to check out the NM mountains.

Thanks again for reading my loooonggg post and you'll probably get very tired of
me very soon. <g>

Roswell, NM

?Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest in ways that
bend the laws of physics or break them entirely.? "True Blood," Aug. 30, 2009

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6/8/2010, 06:52 am
I'm official!
Hello Tupperware riders! <vbg> I FINALLY am the OFFICIAL owner of a 1995 PC. After the PO delivered it from El Paso to Roswell, he THEN told me he never registered it when he bought it. :-( So, it took me two weeks of fighting w

    6/8/2010, 07:32 am
    I'm official!
    Congrads on being official and OFFICIAL :-) The TGPCHPCMY2KMR+10 is coming up in September and WORMHOLE is happening in a couple of weeks although both of those rides are in California/Oregon/Washington. Check for the T

    6/8/2010, 08:01 am
    I'm official!
    motorcyclemama, welcome to your new ride.

    6/8/2010, 10:18 am
    I'm official!
    welcome x 3. We can tell you are excited about this bike, it was a great first post.. You mentioned a way to attach a helmet. I too am looking at different options. While I have not finished my search, I am seriously considering the

    6/8/2010, 10:37 am
    I'm official!
    Hi Karen and welcome. I like the method of locking the helmet to the seat grab bars with a cable lock as is shown in the Owner's Manual. I haven't tried it yet though - still waiting to get Tsunami back on the road but I'm getting there. Lots

    6/8/2010, 12:10 pm
    I'm official!
    KAB, Re: Locking a helmet. You might want to get a Flexweave cable. A 6 foot long, 3/16 inch diameter cable and a small padlock will let you lock your helmet to a seat grab rail and then set it on the ground in the shade. It can al

    6/8/2010, 01:48 pm
    I'm official!
    I followed the advice of others and put washers on the bottom of the shelter (the fake tank). I used Gorilla Glue to hold 8 large washers in place. It also has a strap that secures it. I was able to go through the gas tank cover with that

      6/8/2010, 03:15 pm
      I'm official!
      I'd be careful about that 'modified car filter' - a previous owner ruined my engine with one that didn't fit well. --- In

        6/8/2010, 10:07 pm
        I'm official!
        I looked for the filter today to modify. Avance Auto and Wal-Mart didn't carry it. I'll just wait till the new one comes in. Today I'm replacing the anti-freeze with Engine Ice in anticipation of a ride south the end of this month. Phil Wh

          6/8/2010, 11:11 pm
          I'm official!
          Phil, Make sure the anti-freeze you use is silicate and phosphate free or you can damage your water pump seal. Fred --- In

    6/8/2010, 01:57 pm
    I'm official!
    Hi Karen, Regarding where to hang a helmet, I have BarEnder locks on my PC and really like them: . They're easy to access, easy to use, secure, and don't require any permanen

      6/8/2010, 02:19 pm
      I'm official!
      Others have suggested various forms of cables and locks for securing gear. Here's are a couple of convenient devices that combine a combination lock with a retractable steel cable:

    6/8/2010, 03:15 pm
    I'm official!
    Karen, Don't go drilling holes in the bike. You can get chrome posts that replace the pivot for the clutch and brake lever and allow you to slide the D-ring over and snap a small lock on the top. You will see them on many goldwings. I have on

    6/8/2010, 09:00 pm
    I'm official!
    Welcome aboard, Karen! If you get questions now, try switching it off and coasting up in neutral to the local 7-11 or Rita's water ice outlet, everyone wants to know if it's electric! It's quiet enough at idle that people often don't know

    6/8/2010, 11:42 pm
    I'm official!
    Here is the bar end lock I'm considering. I note there are lots of other good workable solutions too, I just didn't want to carry a cable. The post anchored to the cl

      6/9/2010, 03:34 am
      I'm official!
      Jerry, The lock stays on the post all the time. You just unlock it , slide it off, slide the D ring over the post and put the lock back on. When you take it off to remove the helmet you snap it back on after on the lower part of the post so y