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A few general battery questions
Written by pc800dork on 6/8/2010 at 04:59 pm

Actually the heat inside is not too bad - the "container" is under a tree and
stays cooler than the outside - and being a shipping container, it is definitely
critter-proof. During our 17dg cold snap last winter liquids did freeze inside
it, but that kind of cold is rare here.

It almost seems like relocating the battery to the trunk area might be something
to consider...

--- In, "Gib" <gibinmich@...> wrote:
> The factory battery is good for a number of years if it doesn't get too cold
or too dead. I would use a battery tender on anything that doesn't get ridden
much. Parking your bike in a oven is bad for the entire bike...... and small
animals too. Maybe there is a aftermarket battery that will hold better up to
the extreme conditions your bike experiences?

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