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Why buy a PC800
Written by moipc90 on 6/9/2010 at 03:54 pm

The question is not so much "why buy a PC800?" but rather, "why buy anything
As a relatively small ei.short rider I was looking for a touring motorcycle, all
were too big and heavy for me to be comfortable with. I did not want to have to
do a lot of maintenance either mechanically and esthetically, I don't want to
spend 3 hours polishing chrome after every ride. I want storage, comfort, quite
and STYLE, fugly is in the eye of the beholder, I for one think they look
fantastic, ho and I'm thrifty, so I was not looking to spend a fortune. The
only reasonable solution is the PC800.
Now, not everyone can own one of these marvels, one must be self assured enough
to dare to be different! If you cannot be your own person you are doomed to ride
a "Hardly". I for one do not feel that I have to justify my choice to anyone,
which is not a problem as most people don't know what kind of bike I'm riding
and what to make of it anyway. If you think PCs are rare in the US, try riding
one in Canada, they are very few and far between, indeed!
There is no other motorcycle before or since that can even compare to the PC, it
is in a league of its own.

PC 90: "Flower Power" aka "The Mule"
Ipcrc #3375

--- In, "pc800dork" <dokiedo@...> wrote:
> It is like the Saab 900 of motorcycles.
> Very practical. Unique. Comfortable. Solid. Great MPGs. Bulletproof. And
fugly to boot...
> A trunk that will hold two cases of beer is something to be admired.
> --- In, "douglasvanb" <douglas.vanbossuyt@> wrote:
> >
> > Today I noticed that someone found my PC800 links and info website today via
the search term "why buy a honda 800 pc." I don't have much information on why
someone should buy a PC800 because it's obvious to me. :-)
> >
> > What reasons did you all have for buying a PC and what keeps you coming back
for more?
> >

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