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Thanks and next questions
Written by pc800dork on 6/9/2010 at 05:01 pm

Stick-on battery powered LED light. You can remove it if you need light
elsewhere, for a repair on the roadside.

As far as Power outlet, I installed one in my trunk on a nice long curly-cord.
Easy install (5 minutes). no drilling or mounting, and cord can be stretched out
of the trunk if needed.

Pics of that and some of my other tightwad remedies here:

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6/9/2010, 04:48 am
Thanks and next questions
You guys are da bomb! After reading through all your posts today, I ordered a barender (two of us will get to see how it works) AND the small PacSafe (found that on sale.) I didn't know either of those existed (all my prior bikes have alw

    6/9/2010, 07:59 am
    Thanks and next questions
    There used to be a kit that Honda sold to put a light in the trunk. When I checked with my local dealer several months ago they indicated that the kit hadn't been available in the Hondaline network for a long, long time. Check with your deale

    6/9/2010, 10:09 am
    Thanks and next questions
    Thank you Karen, The answering overnight thing is due to the globe's rotation. We still like the bomb statement. Do leave the foot-peg just as it is. The glove-box is much more fit for a switch, or two, in the future. My plug for 12 Vo

    6/9/2010, 01:40 pm
    Thanks and next questions
    Honda used to offer a trunk light kit. It was a bit of a pain to install, and mine never worked all that well. Usually one or the other light worked, rarely both but it really helped on a dark night. Then the switch broke and ran my battery d

    6/9/2010, 04:11 pm
    Thanks and next questions
    Had the Hondaline trunk kit on my '89. Sold it. Bought the 2 lights only( P/N 34251-MG9-951), a mercury switch for a car hood light and did a little wiring. Works nicely. Dick

    6/9/2010, 05:08 pm
    Thanks and next questions
    Be careful when parking on a hill. If the mercury ball settles when you are on a slant, you may inadvertantly turn on your trunk lights and drain your battery! -Mike ----- Original Message ----- From: Dick MacInnes To:

      6/10/2010, 12:02 am
      Thanks and next questions
      I'm a lot older than you and know better. Recently stopped and helped pick up a Sheriffs officers BMW that he had parked in the wrong place. Dick

    6/9/2010, 05:31 pm
    Thanks and next questions
    Karen, The trunk lighting has as many solutions as you could imagine. A "tap light" would work, and I bet there are now LED versions so the batteries could last longer. There are OEM, or just about OEM, mercury switched lights o

      6/12/2010, 05:58 pm
      Thanks and next questions
      Karen, I use the tap lights, open trunk tap light-no problem BUT--place them on the end of the trunk, the back vertical wall and when the top is up they will shine down into the bottom , one on each side. ----- Original Message ----- Fr

    6/10/2010, 04:46 am
    Thanks and next questions
    Hi Karen, I spotted something in the things you were saying: > Oh, and I've read of some people who don't ride their PCs in the > summer heat. Why? We've had record 108-110 degrees and I'm still > riding! The only thing I'