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Thanks and next questions
Written by jwswingle on 6/9/2010 at 05:31 pm


The trunk lighting has as many solutions as you could imagine. A "tap light"
would work, and I bet there are now LED versions so the batteries could last
longer. There are OEM, or just about OEM, mercury switched lights out there that
would feed off your battery, it's rare for the switch to fail "on", so that is
solution #2. Also, the auto aftermarket has lots of mercury switched aux lights
available, both on self-contained battery power and on your internal 12 volt.
It's a matter of how fast you want to do it, if you want/don't want to tap into
the bike's system, how much you are trying to go all OEM, etc.

Any Autozone, NAPA, etc. should have something suitable.

A simple search as below gives too many tap light answers-my only concern is
directionality, i.e., if the trunk is open, will it light the trunk area? I
guess if you place it closer to the trunk hinge line, it should do the trick.\


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