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Why buy a PC800
Written by mikeyb_houtex on 6/10/2010 at 12:40 am

Well, in my case, I didn't actually *buy* her... Ride was given to me after I
repaired her after my accident with her.

I just love her, and I don't get to take her out much... :( It's complicated.

She needs a paint job, and that'll happen this winter. She also needs a top
case with lights, and that'll happen soon enough. She's a very comfortable
motorcycle in all respects for me, with the 1.5" risers. The sole exception is
the windscreen, I now wish I'd have gotten a +6. But a minor issue, I just duck
under or wear snipped earplugs.

She's not got all the tricks that a Gold Wing has, (CB, Radio, Intercom), but
I'm working on it. I almost got the CB figured out, actually...

When the PC800 first came out, and I first saw them, I said "well, that's a
motorcycle I'd like to have." I thought they were gorgeous, streamlined, and
that trunk was a quirky cool feature. And in that Pearl White, they looked like
little children of the Starship Enterprise.

I never thought I'd actually wind up with one. Boy am I glad I have her.

So, in summation, the answer I got for you is this:


'95 PC800, "Ride"

--- In, "douglasvanb" <douglas.vanbossuyt@...> wrote:
> Today I noticed that someone found my PC800 links and info website today via
the search term "why buy a honda 800 pc." I don't have much information on why
someone should buy a PC800 because it's obvious to me. :-)
> What reasons did you all have for buying a PC and what keeps you coming back
for more?

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