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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
Written by rwven6956 on 6/10/2010 at 10:33 am

As I recall the fan circuit on the PC is fairly simple. The fan is
controlled by a temperature switch in one of the radiator tanks.
What's puzzling is why this seems to be effected by engine speed
unless the increased vibration is causing a dodgy connection
somewhere to make better contact. I'd start by locating the
temperature switch and jumping it out at the connector to see if the
fan runs. I pretty sure that circuit is always on (which is why the
fan can run after you shut down) so that installing a jumper across
the plug should fire the fan right up. If not you'll just have to
turn the switch on. If the fan runs the switch is probably bad If
the fan doesn't run check for voltage at the plug. If there is power
there the next thing to check would be the grounding of the fan
itself. I that appears OK run a jumper wire from the battery to the
fan to see if the fan is operating properly, if you do this you will
probably have to run a jumper to ground also as the ground probably
runs through the same connector. I hope this sheds more enlightenment
than confusion...

If all this fails....Ride the 'Wing!
On Wed 06/ 9/10 10:51 PM , "Willie Seay" willieseay@... sent:
I have a serious overheating problem apparently due to my fan not
kicking in when its supposed to, or as often as its supposed too.
The first time it occurred was after doing some city riding in stop
n' go traffic. When I stopped, I heard this horrific loud gurgling
noise coming from the overflow compartment. The temperation gauge
was maxed. It was scary as helloooooo and I was afraid something was
going to explode. I thank my lucky stars it didn't. No smoke, no
steam, no leaks. Anyways, after the gurgling subsided, I cranked it
up to see if the fan would kick in. It didn't, UNTIL I throttled up
and increased the RPM's between 3000-3500. As soon as I let off the
throttle and returned to idle, the fan would cut out and the temp
would rise immediately. Again, no fan until I throttled up. I left
the city and got back on the open road where all was fine with forced
air keeping it cool, but it occurred again in the next city. I tried
keeping my RPM's high at stops, but have no clue if the fan ever
kicked in. If it did, it certainly had no effect. One theory was
the fan wasn't getting the voltage it needed. Long story short, the
battery checked out okay, but I installed my backup R/R thinking
"just maybe" that might be the problem. It wasn't. Fortunately I
made it home safely from my two-day road trip, but now I need to find
and fix the problem. I'm asking for your suggestions as to a logical
sequence to trouble shoot this problem. Feel free to reply direct to
my email. THANKS SO MUCH!

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