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Tire Rub on '89 PC800
Written by l_gupton on 6/12/2010 at 05:14 am

Thanks for the tips. Yes, the shock was at the lowest setting, I moved it to
the middle setting after airing up and stipp rub. I think I'll look for a newer
trunk, and I looked closly at the tire and it looks like its the original. It
has some hairline cracks on the sidewalls. Does the Metzler have a less
susepible rub potential?

--- In, "literidr" <literidr@...> wrote:
> If you swap out the trunk for a later model trunk you won't have any further
problem. Honda changed that dimension on all of their replacement trunks
including the 89. Until you get a replacement trunk, be cafeful how you pack
the left side of the trunk. Overpacking is usually what causes the trunk rub on
the 89 when you are using stock tire sizes. You might also consider increasing
the preload on the right side shock absorber. The increased ride height might
also reduce the amount of rubbing you're experiencing.
> Hope this helps,
> John Handford, literidr@...
> Taylors, SC
> '90 PC "Spirit"
> '94 PC "Chance"
> --- In, "l_gupton" <akguppy@> wrote:
> >
> > Well, just recently I've developed the dreaded trunk rub on my new to me 89
PC800 w/ Dunlop K555 w/ 9600miles on it. I initially diagnosed it as low tire
pressure. Aired-up and its still rubbing. Funny thing, there was no rub for
the first 100 miles I rode it, only recently. I looked up in the wheel well and
have about 1" on the right side and barely 1/4" on the left. Will swapping in a
later model liner fix it? Thanks in advance.
> >

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