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Time for new tires
Written by pc800va on 6/13/2010 at 12:14 pm

First let me say this is NOT a darkside vs. Metzeler vs. Dunlop thread!
I came across Harold's Shinko post and was wondering how they are working out so
Also wondering if anyone has tried the IRC GS18 tire on the rear? They are stock
for the Suzuki Savage.

--- In, "Harold" <harbo5765@...> wrote:
> Purchased last summer from Motorcycle Superstore
> (I posted this last summer)
> SHINKO rear tire Tour Master 140/90V
> Love it so far (not many miles on it yet)
> Good fit om my 95 PC, it also changes the rear ratio to improve RPM at 65mph
by about 700rpm less.
> Price is right too.

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