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Time for new tires
Written by goldwingman40 on 6/15/2010 at 03:46 pm

I just mounted mine on my 89, it looked as there was good clearance on both
sides, looks the same as Metzeler 140/80V15, 5.7" wide and Dunlop, 5.87"wide. I
will have to try and measure the actual width.
John Hanford has run several on his 90.
with no problems.

--- In, "Nathan" <nathan_c_harris@...> wrote:
> Any problem with this size tire on the 89's?
> --- In, "goldwingman40" <goldwingman@> wrote:
> >
> > Wade,
> > The Shinko model is the 230, 140/90-15. I have put a set on my wife's Shadow
VT500 and they feel good. I am going to try one on the back of my PC along with
an Avon Roadrider 120/80V17 on the front. Down here I get 8 to 10k miles on
Metzelers and 6 to 7k miles on Dunlops. This is about half what I got up north.
It has to do with the the material used for the roads and all the mountain
> > Fred
> >

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