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Caliper leaks?
Written by ascterransin on 6/18/2010 at 01:29 pm

The front brake calipers can leak at the piston seals due to age and wear from
gunk build up on the brake pistons.

The rebuild is pretty simple (I'm setting myself up, I know) and unless you have
really unusual wear it's just replacing the piston seals and cleaning the
pistons & holes (non-technical terms loosely being used here).

I'm writing this moments before leaving for work so I didn't look up the part
number for the seals or check if there is a rebuild kit that would also include
slide boots, pins, a new dust cap or anything else besides just the seals. All I
replaced was the seals and I replaced them when I changed my brake pads at 75k

Here's a couple of photos of the brake caliper opened up an halfway cleaned.

Steve Johnsen
Manassas Park, VA
'94 PC800 "Baiku"

--- In, "pc800dork" <dokiedo@...> wrote:
> Where would be the most likely place for a caliper to leak?
> What does a rebuild involve and what are the part number(s) for a rebuild kit?

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