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Carb balancing - how hard is it?
Written by nathan_c_harris on 6/21/2010 at 03:58 pm

It sounds harder than it really is. Go online and look up the $1.55 Carb Sync
tool, build one. Super easy. Hardest part was getting the ATF down into the
skinny tube.

Now, since Carb Sync is done at idle, you can do it with the Air Filter cover
off, making it alot easy to find and adjust the Sync screw. Don't try to really
rev it, although you have to blip it a little to re-seat the linkage in the

When I did it I was worried that it ran so crappy with the air filter cover off,
and thought I had screwed up everything. Turns out these CV carbs really need
the back pressure (vacuum) within the airbox to work correctly. So when you try
to rev it it will cough and sputter, etc. Just get the carbs so the oil in the
line is even.

I used a 20' piece of 1/4" OD vinyl clear tubing from Lowes. Some ATF I had
laying around, and a hypodermic needle thing from an old fish tank doodad I had
years ago to get the oil into the tube. A tiny funnel will work, or whatever.
Getting the oil in and settled is a PITA.

Once in just find the vacuum points on the carbs. One the left side is just to
feed the vacuum actuated petcock, and on the Right it's on the front right side
and is capped off with a little rubber nub. Pull off that nub, and the vacuum
hose to the petcock and slide on the vinyl tubing on either side.

Make sure that both sides are on tightly because if it comes off on one side the
other side will suck in all your oil and not only it is smokey, you have to go
through the whole getting oil back in the tube again. I actually used a needle
nosed Vice Grip pliers to crimp the lines till I was ready to expose to vacuum.

Then adjust the screw till they are even. Button it all back up and you are
ready to go. My bike is very noticeably smoother on the road now. Then just
hang onto the line for the next time.


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> What panels have to be removed to get to everything? Any good tutorials here?

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