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Carb balancing - how hard is it?
Written by nathan_c_harris on 6/21/2010 at 07:01 pm

Ha! Yeah, that's WAY to easy. At least this way even though it only costs a
$1.55, you really feel like you *should* have paid more since it took like an
hour to get it in and another few for it to settle. Doh!

--- In, Israel Engle <israel_96gtp@...> wrote:
> "Hardest part was getting the ATF down into the skinny tube."
> Referencing building the $1.55 balancing stick, after doing it the hard way
myself, the easiest (and most duh-simple) way to get the fluid in to the tube is
to put one end in the can of ATF, and suck the fluid into the tube either with a
Mity-Vac or your mouth.
> Israel

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