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Carb balancing - how hard is it?
Written by awhombre on 6/22/2010 at 08:47 pm

Here's a little added benefit from my carb balancing recently. I did mine just
to see where I was after owning my PC for a few months. They were very close.
Someone had mentioned making the mixture a little richer than stock from the
factory. The screw was at about 7/8 of a turn and I put it at 1 1/4. My worst
mileage before was close to 40mpg and now I'm getting near 50mpg and a high of
53mpg. I generally ride fairly fast so didn't expect a miracle. That's an
amazing result. Between the carb balance and this change I'm really pleased.
Something to think about when you tackle the job. Great site and great
information on it. Tony

--- In, Wolfgang Kaufmann <pc800@...> wrote:
> David schrieb:
> > I don't know how others are doing this, but I had no luck with applying vac.
to the petcock and then pinching the hose off.
> I used a injection syringeto apply vacuum to the petcock - worked great !
> --
> Regards,
> Wolfgang Kaufmann (Austria/Europe),
> iPCRC # 634
> in order of purchase :
> PC800 `90, "Mazda Baby", 89 K miles (1992)
> PC800 `96, still unnamed, 15 K miles (2000)
> PC800 `90, "Harlequin", 53 K miles (2002 - completely restored project bike)
> new in my stable:
> PC800 `96, still unnamed, 9 K miles (2006)
> PC800 `89 - nice little miniature (2007) ! (does this count too ??) ;-)
> (in German language)

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