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Squeal in rear wheel, advice needed
Written by literidr on 6/24/2010 at 04:29 pm

Hey Sage,

It's normal for the rear hub to be warm. Much of the hot air from the engine
and radiator exits the plastic just in front of the back wheel. I've noticed
that my rear tire is warm even in cool weather.

I know that my rear tire (the Shinko tire) "whistles" at highway speeds(not that
I notice anything, my son who was riding behind me told me). It's kind of hard
to locate a squeal under those conditions. I would check my front brakes (no
dissassembly required) just feel either side of the front rotors for rough wear.
Then have someone hold the back end down and spin the front wheel to check for a
bad wheel bearing and listen for anything foreign inside the covers. If that
doesn't show anything, then I'd remove the rear wheel and look for trash inside
the brake drum. Then put your hand on the rear bearings and turn the centers
checking for anything but smoothness.

Somewhere in this process, you will probably find what you're looking for.

Good luck,

John Handford, literidr@...
Taylors, SC
'90 PC "Spirit"
'94 PC "Chance"

PS: Are you still living in Alberta?

--- In, "cmcvean" <sage@...> wrote:
> Hi all, decided to take my wife's 1990 PC out to a bike nite about 50 km from
home last night on mostly freeway and highway riding.
> Upon arrival a fellow rider told me he could hear a squeal coming from the
bike as I pulled into the parking lot. Having ear plugs in I didn't hear it.
When I left I made a couple loops around lot and no noise. Hitting highway still
nothing but at about 100 I did notice the squeal returned. As I slowed it
would quit but return as I accelerated up past 100. Not a real loud noise but I
could hear it.
> Upon arrival at home I touched the wheel hub on both left and right side and
it was quite warm. Not too hot to touch but getting there.
> I guess my question is.... is the hub normally hot after riding or is there a
severe problem in there. Brakes seem to work just fine and bike has only about
42,000 km on her.
> What say yee of fine mechanical mind?
> Thanks
> Sage

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