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Another homemade rack
Written by wolfsburg78 on 6/26/2010 at 07:07 pm

Just uploaded some photos of the new luggage rack I made for my JC Whitney/Sears
box I purchased a few weeks ago. It is made of 1/8 inch plate steel and was cut
using a jig saw with bimetal blades. I had to build a press brake in order to do
the bend I needed, it's crude but it did the job well. After drilling the holes
and doing a test fit I noticed it seemed a little weak in the "arms" so I welded
1/4 inch square stock on the sides to give it strength; that worked out really
well. I now am going to work on making a backrest to bolt to the rack so I can
ride two up without the box.

Baltimore, MD
89 PC

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