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Flexit sidecar
Written by danpharry on 6/26/2010 at 09:22 pm

Curious, I did some searching - never heard of flexit - own a GS850 with a
Velorex that was a great kid hauler.

I ran across this discussion:\

A guy named rob hart said that he once owned a flexit mounted to a PC800. Maybe
you can contact him there.

Best wishes & post pictures of your attaching process for us.


--- In, "chris" <flexit-rider@...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just bought a Flexit sidecar to connect it with my PC800.
> I found an article of a Motormagazine ""Cycle Canada"" that had an test with
a PC in August 1990 with a Flexit.
> Because PC's are very rare , and the combination with a Flexit even more, I
would like to find out if there is anybody left who knows how to connect the
bike and the rig? Or has pictures? Information at all, anything?
> I ride a PC over 15 years now, had it imported from the US in '94, almost new.
Now I am up to a new challenge to make a combi with a Flexit. I do hope I can
reach some one here, and, just for the record, I am already member of the FSOG
and FSG group, they are a great help.
> But in those groups are no PC's riding, so I try my luck here.....
> A link to pics of the Flexit:
> Greetz from The Netherlands, Chris

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