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Electrical issue
Written by samuel.parro... on 6/30/2010 at 04:35 pm

Thank you guys so much! Turns out it was just the main fuse under the seat!
Just goes to show you that you should probably have the manual with you (left
mine on my computer at home the other day) when you plan on touching something
you don't know everything about. But, you gotta learn somehow, right? Thanks
again, so much, for all your help. Hopefully one day I'll know enough about
this bike to help someone else out.


oh, and the switch I used was a 25A 12VDC Illuminated Rocker Switch, item #
275-0013. Works great now, being held in place in a piece of plexiglass where
the original switch used to be, and with all the contact points covered up!

--- In, "unlikelyloginname" <unlikelyloginname@...> wrote:
> Sam,
> There is a 30A main fuse on the starter relay under the seat. If it went out
then you wouldn't have lights, horn, or anything else. Sounds like you'll need
to look elsewhere.
> The schematics for the various model years are available at:
> Tip: Including your model year, or that of your PC, in your posts is helpful.
> Oddity: When you press the starter switch the headlight should go out.
> Pop questions: The side stand is down, correct? Does pulling in the clutch
lever change the behavior?
> Working from the 1997/8 schematic, the black wire at the engine stop switch
should be hot when the ignition switch is on. When the switch is set to "run"
it feeds power to the black/white wires at the ignition coils (behind the left
air duct/maintenance lid) and the black/white wire on the starter switch.
Pressing the starter switch then forwards it on, via the yellow/red wire, to the
starter relay.
> Does any of that help?
> Seth

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