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what are people running for aftermarket grips?
Written by ekeith2000 on 7/5/2010 at 05:22 pm

A good many of us have tried and enjoyed these:
Sunline Grand Touring
Do a search in the forum.

They are available from many sources.
example (not an endorsement):\

Good enlarged view.

You do have to trim the end off if you want to use the bar end weights, but it's
no big deal. They are nice and fat and really added to my riding enjoyment on
the PC. The stock grips passed to much vibration.

I especially like the contoured shape. Very comfortable.

'97 "Fat Lady"

--- In, "Slash S" <rocker8585@...> wrote:
> I want to get a new set of grips something a little fatter to reduce strain on
my hands from gripping tightly i would like to know what people have and if they
like them. post up some pics! thanks!
> Jeremy

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