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Hot Air flow
Written by alfr4d on 7/5/2010 at 11:53 pm

I found the following messages about the exhaust wrapping searching in history.
Not much to go on but both posts mentioned it to be useful.

--- In, "Alfred W" <alfred.wams@...> wrote:
> You point in the direction of where the exhaust comes out of the engine
anyway. 2:) The more heat comes out the better. It is possible to use Exhaust
Wrap to isolate the exhaust. This way the gas inside is warmer and will float
even better. The electronics and other components are protected against the heat
this way and the rider should experience much less heat. You can buy tape with
ceramics and glass-fiber (mean sharp little stuff for your hands) and additional
isolating coatings. It is meant to be wrapped after the pipes are painted with
very heat resistant paint and afterwards sprayed with heat resistant silicone to
protect the metal from wet conditions and dirt but perhaps that is no use on an
older exhaust. To see the wrapping being done and to get an impression, you may
look at YouTube.
> It would be nice to hear opinions about it. I am interested in doing it
> --- In, "family1829" <nupe51@> wrote:
> >
> > Since it has gotten hot in my area, I have notice heat coming out of the
creaks on the righ hadside near my knee. The heat is coming from the junctions
of the casing near the fuel tank. Is there any way to stop the flow of hot air
out of this creaks other that using duck tape?
> >
> >
> > cj
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