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Rear wheel Dampers
Written by yankeesmuggler on 7/6/2010 at 01:08 pm

I just did mine on June 1, 2010. Here is what you need from Honda:

You need
5: 41241-MR5-000 DAMPER, RR. WHEEL ($8.29 from
1: 91302-MR5-003 O-RING (66X1.9) ($1.59)
1: 91358-MB0-000 O-RING (46.5X3.5) ($2.31)

I replaced the O-Rings simply because they were cheap and easy to get
to. Only the rubber dampers listed above need replacing, the metal
insterts (5) in them on mine were in perfect shape.

You will also need some moly grease to put on the splines before
reinstalling the wheel. I had a hard time finding this and only found
a small tube at the third Honda dealer I tried. The auto places looked
at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

No special tools are needed, but a rubber mallet will be helpful in
putting in the new dampers, and a bit of silicone spray lube is great
for helping to get the metal insterts back into the rubber dampers
(Thanks Tosh, who thanks Rudy, for this tip))

Tim Davies
Seneca Falls, New York 13148
'98 Honda Pacific Coast "Yankee Smuggler II"
"Yankee Smuggler I" (Retired at 124,000 mi.)

IPCRC #4 : AMA #688662
"The ride is the objective, the destination is the excuse!"

Large O_Ring goes in slot around hub

On Jul 6, 2010, at 8:33 AM, pgrwhistler wrote:

> I am hearing a clunk sound when i take off and plan on replacing the
> rear Wheel rubber dampers ( hope it is not the u-joint). The manual
> says there are 6 pieces required and in the service Honda microfiche
> 5 each of two types are required. Does anyone know which is correct?
> The manual or the microfiche?

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