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Front Fender Mod-ST1100
Written by woodshed48 on 7/7/2010 at 05:41 am

I had sent out a note in early June about fixing up my cracked '89 front fender,
and the responses included trying out an ST1100 front fender. So I looked on
EBay and found a cheap one ($25 + shipping), and figured that it was a
reasonable gamble to try it out, since I was already riding "fenderless" (in the
desert-no rain).

I have posted several pictures in the Photo section-"Fender-ST1100 Swap",
hopefully showing how I mounted it and how nicely the tire fit under it. I
forgot to take assembly photos, if there is interest, I will add some when I
remove it to paint it.

First I removed the support brackets for the stock fender.

The ST1100 fender came with a metal interior assembly that spanned the inside of
the fender between the front and rear bolt holes. I left that in place to
provide stiffening and stability. As you can see, the front part of the fender
wraps around the fork. At the top, I installed a 1" x 1-1/8" rubber cork from
the hardware store. I had to shave it down on 3 sides to make it 1". I pressed
it into the fender and drilled a hole for the 6mm bolt to hold it in place for
dampening against the fork, so it doesn't rub and wear out. (that is the top
front bolt)

I added a 4-1/2" long brass plate (reason for brass was that I live in a small
town, and that is what I could find) from the rear fork tab to the fender, using
2-1/4" 6mm bolts (SS) at the bottom and an existing one from the old fender at
the top. I used a thinner brass piece on the bottom front tab, and bent it using
2 pliers. The top attachment was drilled through the fender.

It seems to be stiff enough, and looks pretty good to me. let me know if you
have any questions.

The maroon color matches my helmet, but realistically doesn't look that great.

Now, any good suggestions on painting it to match? Either the white or the gray
bottom trim? Is there matching paint available for a reasonable cost?

89 PC, 47K (this week)

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