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what are people running for aftermarket grips?
Written by obijuanak on 7/7/2010 at 05:59 am

Slash S wrote:
> and or are heated grips or heated gloves the best?
I first ran a set of grip heaters on Hobbes, then I swapped grips and
installed a set of HotGrips heated grips.

Grips vs. gloves is a personal preference. I have tens of thousands of
miles with an electric vest and and grips and did not feel the need for
anything else. Others here have complained that their back of their
hands get cold, thus they prefer the gloves. Try grip heaters first,
they are cheap (just don't use epoxy) and if you don't like them, switch
to gloves. Good luck!

Juan Goula
Fairbanks, Alaska

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7/4/2010, 03:24 am
what are people running for aftermarket grips?
I want to get a new set of grips something a little fatter to reduce strain on my hands from gripping tightly i would like to know what people have and if they like them. post up some pics! thanks! Jeremy