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what are people running for aftermarket grips?
Written by moipc90 on 7/7/2010 at 12:27 pm

I too use the HotGrips heated grips and love them. I really dislike big bulky
gloves. the girps fit the bike nicely with only one small hole for the switch
and I especialy like the high and low settings. They are a nice season extender,
great for those early or late season rides for us northern riders.
Newmarket, Ontario
'90 PC "Flower Power"aka"The Mule"
iPCRC #3375

--- In, Juan Antonio Goula <juang@...> wrote:
> Slash S wrote:
> > and or are heated grips or heated gloves the best?
> >
> I first ran a set of grip heaters on Hobbes, then I swapped grips and
> installed a set of HotGrips heated grips.
> Grips vs. gloves is a personal preference. I have tens of thousands of
> miles with an electric vest and and grips and did not feel the need for
> anything else. Others here have complained that their back of their
> hands get cold, thus they prefer the gloves. Try grip heaters first,
> they are cheap (just don't use epoxy) and if you don't like them, switch
> to gloves. Good luck!
> Juan Goula
> Fairbanks, Alaska

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7/4/2010, 03:24 am
what are people running for aftermarket grips?
I want to get a new set of grips something a little fatter to reduce strain on my hands from gripping tightly i would like to know what people have and if they like them. post up some pics! thanks! Jeremy