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Looking for Mr T (Keith) // front fender mod on 1990 PC
Written by spacetiger_j... on 7/9/2010 at 03:00 am

A slow project this is going to be...

I have been doing some research on how best to make the front fender swap.
There has been two out there that have found a way to do it using the stock
fork, one used a Honda ST1100 fender and another an unidentified fender (my
guess it was a 1997 Yamaha XJ 600 N fender).

I have decided it would be best to swap forks, but not the entire fork, just the
lowers. After investigating my options given the PC has 41mm stanchions, I
figured I only needed to find another Honda that used 41mm stanchions too.
Answer - ST1100. I had been waiting for a reasonable pair on ebay..........
finally one came up. Lucky for me one of the stanchions was very slightly bent
from an accident. So, I was able to get the fork legs for $25. The lowers are
in really great shape. They are the same length diameter as the PC's. The
caliper brackets are in the right place, everything looks to be set for the

Before I do, I will assemble a few other parts. Next up will be a fender, and
(ST1100) caliper brackets, and new 318mm (ST1100) discs.

The discs are correct replacement for ST1100, so they should be good to match up
with the brakes. As far as I can tell, the calipers are the same, they just
need to be mounted out a bit more due to the larger diameter discs. I doubt I
will be able to get just the brackets, so I'll probably have to get an entire
ST1100 front brake setup. They are around $100 and come with the MC in some
cases. I will plan to use my calipers and MC.

That leaves the fender. I know a ST1100 fender was used and it did not include
factory mount points, so the exact placement on the bike was a best effort. The
only problem with this fender is it was made for a 18" front wheel. This means
it will have a slightly bigger gap front and rear than the ST1100 (about 1/2"
I'm guessing). Thats if I get the correct placement - which I should be able to
do because of the fork and similar rake and trail measurements. Still, the
factory gap on the ST1100 is bigger than the PC800 and I will have a larger
gap... What to do. I investigated other fender options meant for 17" wheels.
I think there may be 2 options, Honda CBR600F2 or a Yamaha XJ600. I like both
but have not verified the fork diameter for the CBR. The Yamaha is using 41mm
stanchions so I think it can fit. The only thing nagging at me is the rake and
trail. For the CBR and XJ, the rake is 25 degrees vs. PC rake of 28 vs. ST rake
of 27.3 degrees. The wheel base of the CBR and XJ are very similar, less than
56" vs. 61.2" for both ST and PC. All of this means the fender will tilt down a
few degrees if I go with a CBR or XJ 17" fender - so the front gap will be
smaller, and the rear a tad bigger. This is what makes me think the bike with
the unknown fender is running a shorter wheelbase fender because its front gap
is smaller.

Anyways, I will ponder my fender options while I look for a brake set up and the
discs will be easy as I'm buying new, $119 + shipping for a pair. BTW, I
measured the stock discs and they look to be only 276mm, not 290mm. Can anyone
verify this? Not a big deal, but it should make the braking improvement more
like 15% better (276mm to 318mm change).

I'll post an update when I get more parts.

Comment or questions welcome.


--- In, "Jerry" <sanae.ej@...> wrote:
> Keith - thanks for the pics!
> For all those other PC owners wanting to consider this change; my reasons for
this change:
> 1. Easier to stay on top of the front brakes (inspection, servicing, etc)
> 2. Can upgrade the front brakes (stock = 290mm, I think you may be able to use
316mm discs), I would also consider changing the MC to get better feel. This is
about a 9% leverage increase. This allows a change in master cylinder
(reduction in piston diameter, 14mm to 12.7mm, or 10.2% reduction) This means
you should pick up better brake feel while improving braking efficiency too.
> 3. Looks; I like the 97 and 98 models best + you can polish up the forks,
caliper brackets, and calipers.
> So, here is the initial investigation results:
> Front tire / diameter = 120/80-17
> Rake and Trail = xx degrees / x inch
> Wheelbase = 61.2 inches
> Fork diameter = 41mm
> Brake discs = 290mm
> ST1100 SPECS
> Front tire / diameter = 120/80-18
> Rake and Trail: 27.3 degrees / 4.0 inch
> Wheelbase = 61.2 inches
> Fork diameter = 41mm
> Brake discs = 316 mm
> So, it would appear that the ST1100 fender might be a good match. I wish I
could find the PC spec numbers for rake and trail. I suspect they are close to
the ST1100 since the wheelbase of both bikes is the same. The rake is important
so the fender has the right tilt. The fender on Keith's bike angles down a bit
up front so there isn't a lot of clearance. Te ST with larger diameter
wheel/tire means an extra 1/2" gap vs ST1100 stock gap, but that may not be too
much a problem if you can adjust the mounting distance from the tire. The
diameter of the forks and tire profile (width) and similar wheelbase (rake/trail
?) suggest this fender is the one!
> I'll have to check out the braking setup of the ST1100 vs PC800. I should
only require the caliper brackets and discs... This will be possible if I can
go to a fender 1st.
> Any other thoughts?
> Jerry
> --- In, "Nathan" <nathan_c_harris@> wrote:
> >
> >
> > > Once I can find a match, I can post the info, I'm not the only one who
wants to go with a fender (am I?).
> > >
> > > Jerry
> >
> > You are right about that Jerry, I'd love to do this mod on mine! Looks very
> >

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