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wheel balancing
Written by mkerr on 7/12/2010 at 04:56 pm

--- In, "eegah_yai" <scrow2@...> wrote:
> I got the universal model- fits a PC800, CB250, and a Suzuki V-Strom so far. I
really like it- I used to use the bike axles suspended on kitchen chair backs or
identical 5 gallon buckets. It is a quality item- follow the directions and
don't crank the wing nuts down too hard so they don't leave indents, and it
should last forever. I remember seeing a balancer made using 4 roller skate
bearings and mounting them so that the ends of an axle sits between two of them
on each end.
> The post about the Dyna beads clumping is what I was talking about- when
removing an old tire, when mounting the new tire, and when setting the bead some
sort of lubrication is used (I use silicone spray- an idea from the CB250 forum
files). Whatever you use for lubrication, it is hard not to get some inside the
tires, thus contaminating the beads and having them clump.
> Mike

I recently changed tires on two bikes (PC800 and V-Strom, using the dyna beads
by pouring them into the tires just before inflating to set the beads. So far,
about 1500 miles later, they seem to work great and I haven't had any of the
"incorrect pressure reading" problems from beads sticking in the valve stems.

I use Tire Slick ( ), which is a professional tire
lube that has no water or petroleum products. It stays where it's put on the
tire beads, so clumping wasn't a problem.


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