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wheel balancing
Written by alfr4d on 7/12/2010 at 07:05 pm 14,10 Pound 1 x 1oz Bag 1 x 2oz Bag 1 x
Instructions - excl. shipping.
1 oz for front and 2 oz for back but only just. Put some less in back and some
more up front.

Dyna Beads website:
There is a list of dealers in other countries on this site.

I am going to try them also but still wonder if I can get the 0,5 mm beads
somewhere cheap for other applications like grinding or filtering. Bigger beads
may damage I guess. Ceramics is self sharpening. It was advised to ask the
bigger tire centers. Motor-sport businesses also sell similar products.

They are supposed to work really well on bigger wheels, like on motorbikes and
weights are attached higher, may also come loose. It works dynamically where
weights are attached only ones.

Realize however that the beads do not seem to work with driving high speeds. At
110 km/hr or so, their weight gets spread evenly due to the centrifugal force.
This only applies to wheels that are not in balance and would have had a
balancing problem without the beads. One may use conventional balancing together
with the beads.

It is no use at all to add them to an existing tire configuration. You do not
know if any grease or water is present at the inside. Grease can be cleaned. To
avoid water in a tire, something you always should, use nitrogen. The site of
Dynabeads advertises this for obvious reasons. Air filling stations along the
road may have lots of water in their system. I do not fill when it rains to
avoid moisture.

Among the downsides is that the tire should not be very soft on the inside.
Racing tires and inner tubes are excluded for that reason. I believe to have
read that a filter is not necessary for our valves.

--- In, "pc800man@..." <pc800man@...> wrote:
> I am looking for info on the beads,balls or magic powder that you install in
your tires to balance your wheels. The name of the product and a dealer name
would be great.Thank you

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7/11/2010, 04:10 am
wheel balancing
I am looking for info on the beads,balls or magic powder that you install in your tires to balance your wheels. The name of the product and a dealer name would be great.Thank you

    7/11/2010, 04:12 am
    wheel balancing
    innovative balancing, dynabeads -------------------------------------------------- From: "pc800man@..." &

    7/11/2010, 04:38 am
    wheel balancing
    dyna beads Check ebay!! In a message dated 7/11/2010 12:11:25 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, pc800man@... writes:

      7/11/2010, 06:39 am
      wheel balancing
      How well do those "magic beads" work anyway? The local independent shop charges me about $25/tire to mount and balanced a tire on a rim. It would be nice to be able to swap in and out my own tires when the need arises. Cheers,

        7/11/2010, 10:49 am
        wheel balancing
        Douglas, I have switched to these as the means to balance the tires. I first ran them on my GL500 and found they really work well. The best part is that you do not have to rebalance the tire for the life of the tire. It only takes 1 oz fo

          7/11/2010, 12:01 pm
          wheel balancing
          I'm considering the beads also. Jake Wilson has them pretty cheap, especially if you order your tires at the same time ( free shipping and $10 or $20 off ). I was going to carefully empty the bag of beads into the tire before the bead

        7/11/2010, 12:39 pm
        wheel balancing
        I tried to use them on my Kawasaki police bike and gave up. It's a bit of a pain to get the dynabeads in the valve stem. On the PC, it would be next to impossible. You'd probably just need to dump them inside the tire while you're mounting it

        7/11/2010, 01:13 pm
        wheel balancing
        The beads seemed to work pretty good for me, although my tires, before using the beads, weren't that out of balance. I used them on two bikes- one with tubes and one without. I didn't notice a difference between the beads and weights. I stopp

          7/11/2010, 04:27 pm
          wheel balancing
          Mike, Thanks for posting that link to the WebBikeWorld balancer review. Which model balancer did you get? The Marc Parnes site has one for Honda but I'd rather get the universal to use on other bikes too. > I had

            7/11/2010, 04:52 pm
            wheel balancing
            I use two jack stands. Clean the axle, spin the wheel, stick on the weights. Presto! --- In,

            7/11/2010, 09:10 pm
            wheel balancing
            The No-Mar brand balancer comes with a stand which makes it very convenient. I believe it's only $100 + shipping and I've always been happy with the results.

            7/12/2010, 05:33 am
            wheel balancing
            I got the universal model- fits a PC800, CB250, and a Suzuki V-Strom so far. I really like it- I used to use the bike axles suspended on kitchen chair backs or identical 5 gallon buckets. It is a quality item- follow the directions and don't

        7/11/2010, 05:49 pm
        wheel balancing
        I talked to a local motorcycle tire dealer that is an authorized Dynabead dealer and he told me that when they work they work great but if you get moisture in the tire they sometimes clump and will cause a very rough ride. He runs them on one

        7/11/2010, 07:47 pm
        wheel balancing
        --- In, "douglasvanb" <douglas.vanbossuyt@...> wrote: > > How well

          7/12/2010, 01:19 am
          wheel balancing
          I did this same process, but I clamped the end of the axle in my workmate and put a 2X4 cut to the correct height on the other end to keep the axle level. Might have to do a set up without the wheel on the axle to get the correct height of t

    7/12/2010, 07:05 pm
    wheel balancing 14,10 Pound 1 x 1oz Bag 1 x 2oz Bag 1 x Instructions - excl. shipping. 1 oz for front and 2 oz for back but only just. Put some less in back and some more up front. Dy

    7/12/2010, 11:44 pm
    wheel balancing
    I use airsoft BB's to balance my tires. See the photo in PC800 Darksider called balancing bb's. I purchased the heaviest, hardest, and most durable ones that I could find. They are made by TSD Tactical, are 6mm(about .24 caliber) and weigh

    8/20/2010, 04:33 am
    wheel balancing
    I just changed my rear tire in the driveway a few days ago, installed a BF Goodrich Radial TA 155/80-15 and balanced it using green plastic Crossman Soft-Air BB pellets. The pellets were just $9 for 2,000 pellets, and at .12 grams per pel

      8/20/2010, 01:49 pm
      wheel balancing
      That is good news C. Now for the slow driving lady or guy that has a true balancing problem and is able to solves that with those beads. Such has been proven already (unless at great speed it works) but is nice to hear anyway. Unbalancing a w

        8/20/2010, 03:50 pm
        wheel balancing
        The BB pellets are about 6 mm in diameter, plastic, weigh .12 grams each, and are sold for guns that shoot with compressed air or CO2 cartridges. I guess they would also work in spring-loaded toy guns. Mine are green, but I've seen similar so

      8/21/2010, 01:36 am
      wheel balancing
      csury: Thanks for the report on wheel balancing and the car tire. Did you have any trouble seating the bead on the car tire? How many psi did it take to seat the bead? Glad to hear you are enjoying a smooth ride. Enjoy fun & safe riding!

        8/21/2010, 03:12 am
        wheel balancing
        Seating the bead was the toughest part of the whole exercise. The tire had no problem holding air and inflating, but a foot-long part of the tire bead on each side of the tire just didn't want to pop over the bead seating hump on the inside o

          8/22/2010, 03:59 am
          wheel balancing
          csury: It sounds like wisdom, good judgement, perseverance, and patience paid off in your attempts to seat the bead on your car tire. Mine seated at 71 psi(after attempts at 50 & 60 psi had failed). There are many "tricks" you can

        8/22/2010, 12:59 pm
        wheel balancing
        I'm no chemist, but Pinesol may cause damage to the rubber long term. It's name says it all, it uses some of the solvent qualities of pine tar/turpentine as part of its charms-and I keep Hydrocarbon chemical solvents away from my tires. KY so

          8/22/2010, 03:27 pm
          wheel balancing
          If you know an electrician, ask for a handful of wire-pulling lube. It's water soluble and safe on plastic & rubber (like wire insulation). Some are snot-clear others yellow and blue. Also good for de-mounting.

          8/23/2010, 06:28 pm
          wheel balancing
          My personal favorite is Tire Slick (from It works well and a gallon will probably last a lifetime. Plus they sell the applicators tire professionals use, which makes putting slick on the tire and rim at the same time a snap.