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wheel balancing
Written by shotcoy on 7/12/2010 at 11:44 pm

I use airsoft BB's to balance my tires. See the photo in PC800 Darksider called
balancing bb's. I purchased the heaviest, hardest, and most durable ones that I
could find. They are made by TSD Tactical, are 6mm(about .24 caliber) and weigh
.28 grams each(101/ounce). I purchased mine from
for $19.95 + shipping. This was for 5000 bb's which is about 49.5 ounces,
hopefully enough for all my vehicles forever. They also offer them in smaller
quantities at $5.95/1000. I have now ran them 12,000 + miles with good results.
Changed a tire after 2,000 miles and reused them as they showed absolutely no
wear. I refer to the dynabead chart for the amount to use in each tire. I just
put them in the tire after mounting, but before seating the bead. They will not
plug a valve stem due to their size. Enjoy fun and safe riding!! Dave "YT"

--- In, "pc800man@..." <pc800man@...> wrote:
> I am looking for info on the beads,balls or magic powder that you install in
your tires to balance your wheels. The name of the product and a dealer name
would be great.Thank you

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