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Short term review: 1998
Written by jhbeloff on 7/14/2010 at 07:09 pm

Well, I have had my PC for over 3 weeks and have been using mostly for commuting
and working the TODO list. I had to put a few hundred dollars in to fix a faulty
headline and dead battery and deal with former engineer owner who could not
leave well enough alone. (Engineers are good people- not picking on you). I have
noticed a little unstableness in the front end when leaning into a turn. It is
mostly felt leaning to the left. I will explore stearing head/barings, fork oil
etc. when I go into first service in the fall.The bike however is still a
pleasure to ride.

I went out and replaced the ClearView windscreen, which was huge and was like
viewing a moving at a 3D Imax theatre, for a Cee Bailey screen. I am mostly used
to a naked/sports bike feel and thought a screen that I can look over was more
appropriate. It also reduced the back flow of wind caused by the larger screen.
Nice product and I believe I am the first to get a Cee Bailey for a PC. What

I can not get over how smooth and silky the ride and gear box is on these bikes.
I sometimes wonder if the engine turned it self off and the phantom battery
motor was pushing the bike....Painfully Quiet Motorcycle. I am so tempted to
drill a hole through that exhaust just to get a grunt out of it but haven't man
upped yet.
Storage on this thing is rediculous and the conversation with those who see the
seat go up are just histerical.

I am very pleased to own the incredible and grossly underated motorcycle. I have
never considered myself a practical guy. I have have had many guilty pleasures
and have loved sexy, testosterone inducing motorcycles. However, owning the
"PRIUS" of motorcycles and my attempts to reduce my carbon footprint when ever
possible, has been a pleasure up to this point.

I now Honda is now importing the NV700 and reviews are very positive, however,
If they would have incorporated a cosmetically edgier version of the PC with the
same lift up trunk, and a exhaust note and torque to get a little excited about
I would not be owning a 12 year old motorcycle. These bikes are amazing and
should be in every garage as the "OTHER" bike. IMHO

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