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New Wheel Bearings
Written by yankeesmuggler on 7/16/2010 at 08:48 pm

I'm still kicking around Tennessee and this morning when I took my bike off the
center stand I felt a bit of a clunk in the handlebars. It wasn't the steering
head, but rather the front wheel bearing. How'd I know? When I grabbed the front
wheel and gave it a sideways wiggle... it did!

With Francois' help, and his local contacts, he and I were able to replace the
bearings for a grand total of $44 in a couple of hours including getting the
parts. Now I have a clunk free front end..on my bike too:-) Not enough lead time
to replace the Honda dust seals, but they were still flexible so I'll wait for a
new tire change to do that minor job. I'm hoping the new bearings last at least
close to the 128,000 miles these did.

PS- If you are thinking of doing this job yourself I'd suggest you take it to
someone who is experienced in removing wheel bearings. It's the best $20 I ever
spent. That is the only part that was not a DYI for us.

Tim Davies
Still in Tennessee

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