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Looking for Mr T (Keith) // front fender mod on 1990 PC
Written by spacetiger_j... on 7/19/2010 at 10:33 am


The primary intent was to put a different fender on the bike. I really like all
the design aspects of the bike except the front plastic covering up the front
wheel. The look of the 97 or 98 is more to my taste.

So I started looking at other Honda's since they share engineering DNA among
certain models. It was easier to do this in the 70's and 80's. Its harder to
do from the 90's, but possible.

The ST1100 was a natural starting point. Someone else on the site put a ST1100
fender on but used the stock fork. Someone else used a different fender but
stock fork. I decided I would try it, but swap forks or fork lowers if I could
get a set. After some studying, I felt it was doable, so I watched and waited
for the first low cost option, ST1100 or 97/98 PC800. A complete ST1100 fork
came up for $25. Thats the reason I went in this direction for the fender.

BTW, the switch in fenders allows the chance to show more shinny metal on the
bike. THats why I'm polishing the forks and brakes.

The switch to fork lowers allowed the opportunity to switch to ST1100 brakes.
The PC runs 276mm discs, the ST 296 but I have seen 318mm. The swap to 296
discs nets about a 7.25% increase in brake leverage arm. If I can make the
318mm disc work, then it would be 15.22%.

As a side benefit, the ST1100 has a factory fork brace that sits below the
fender. The PC800 lacks a brace and based on the design, does not allow for one
to be added. This is the only suspension mod going in at this time. BTW, I
have not rulled out the possibility of using the ST1100 front suspension. It
would take some machine work to cut down and rethread the stanchions + shorten
the cartridge in the right leg. THe weights are not that different betaween the
ST1100 and PC800:
Dry 584
Wet 640 - ST1100 is a little more than 9% heavier
GVWR 988

Dry 635
Wet 699
GVWR 1109

I didn't want to over complicate the project and incur the higher cost this
year. Perhaps next year.


--- In, "Tosh" <troy.ohio_pc800@...> wrote:
> OK, you're doing it for the ST1100 brakes. Are they
> significantly larger than the brakes on the PC800?

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