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Hondaline lower rear spoiler need photo
Written by stevenamcgraw on 7/19/2010 at 12:23 pm

Gwyn: I have posted on this website under "Photos" (with the caption "Lower
rear spoiler '89 PC") three photos of my '89 PC's lower rear spoiler, complete
with a closeup of the license plate area, and then a right and left angle view
of it as well, and all available at this link:;jsessionid=\

When removing the old license plate and attaching the new one, it was a little
tricky getting the bolts and nuts to line up properly because of how the spoiler
limits the area of access around the plate, so I had to do a little bending and
pushing to accomplish that seemingly simple task, and you may encounter the same

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you need other photos, information,

Best of luck - thanks!


--- In, "Gwynethh" <gwynethh@...> wrote:
> Hi All
> We are still are looking for a closeup photo of an installed Hondaline rear
lower spoiler. We want to see if a gap below and to the left and right of the
license plate (between the fender and the spoiler) that we see during trial fit
up is standard/ by design.
> A photo looking directly towards the license plate would be best.
> Thanx
> Gwyn

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