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How to change antifreeze on the PC800
Written by spacetiger_j... on 7/20/2010 at 11:29 pm

Just a suggestion since you may end up pulling bodywork off the bike to change
the coolant.

Take a moment to pull the thermostat and check its operation by putting it in a
pan on the stove to verify it opens as it should.


--- In, "rj.2000@..." <rj.2000@...> wrote:
> Ok, I've searched with no luck, so forgive me if this is discussed elsewhere.
> The PC800 user's manual states that you should let a certified Honda mechanic
change your antifreeze. I figure they are crazy. At the hourly rate they
charge these days it might cost you $100 USD to change your antifreeze.
> I know all about the different types and I'll be using Prestone DexCool
Extended Life pre-mixed 50/50. What I need help on is where to drain the fluid.
There is a hose at the left side bottom of the radiator that looks like a good
candidate since it seems to be the lowest point on the cycle where antifreeze
circulates. Anybody want to confirm?
> Has anybody documented the correct way to change PC800 antifreeze?
> Regards,
> Rick

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